Save 43% with this SNAEN Black Friday science kit deal


If you're looking for the ideal gift to get your child into science, and want something hands-on and practical to fire their creative imagination, this Black Friday SNAEN is offering up to 43% off their science kit experiment for children. This takes the normal price of their 63-piece experiment kit down from the usual price of $44.99 to $26 on Amazon. As well as providing entertainment away from TV screens and tablets, this SNAEN science kit is also designed to teach children aged three to six and over STEM topics and scientific principles.

Perhaps more importantly, this 63-piece kit comes with a miniature lab coat, name tag and goggles, so your little one can look the part in their very own laboratory! Some of the safe experiments you'll find inside include creating rainbow rain, erupting volcanoes, blowing up balloons using chemical reactions and more!  While this kit has dropped to this low price previously this year, this close to the holidays is the perfect time to take advantage of the savings while they last. 

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The SNAEN science kit comes with a handy storage case, and all chemical compounds are kept in individual containers that are designed to be safe and easy to use, and closed tightly afterwards. All beakers and flasks are made from a durable ABS material, rather than glass, so there is less chance of injury or harm from any accidents. 

The 63-piece kit comes with a lab coat, goggles and name tag included. This kit comes with 30 experiments for your child to choose from, with all the necessary tools and chemicals ready to go straight out of the box — only a few simple ingredients, such as tap water, salt and oil need to be sourced yourself.

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