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Investing in one of the Black Friday Philips electric toothbrush deals is a great way to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Ask any dentist or hygienist what the best thing you can do for your teeth is and there’s a good chance that they’ll suggest buying an electric toothbrush. One of the original and best manufacturers of electric toothbrushes is Philips, so if you want a dazzling smile, check out these Philips electric toothbrush deals.

Electric toothbrushes are more effective than manual toothbrushes at removing plaque, which causes tooth decay,  and are also gentler on your gums, which prevents receding gums. In an 11-year study published in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology, researchers found that people using an electric toothbrush suffered 22% less gum recession and 18% less tooth decay than those using a manual toothbrush.

Of course, learning how to use an electric toothbrush is an important part of making the most of the product. If you wear braces, an electric toothbrush will reach parts of your teeth that a manual brush can’t get to, and if you have veneers, you’ll find an electric brush is gentler on them, too. 

Needless to say, electric toothbrushes are more expensive than manual ones. Prices range from around $15-$20 for a very basic battery-operated toothbrush to more than $300 for the most advanced models - a big leap if you’re used to buying a basic brush for a few bucks. Of course, if you've perused the Philips electric toothbrush deals and you're still not convinced, you can always check out the Oral B electric toothbrush deals as well. 

Philips electric toothbrush deals

Which Philips electric toothbrush is best for you?

You could be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed by the variety of choice out there - there are several Philips electric toothbrush ranges, each with a different emphasis and price point, and electric toothbrushes seem to offer ever more advanced features.

If you’ve never used an electric toothbrush before, look out for the Philips easy start function, which gradually increases the brushing power over a period of two weeks so you can get used to the feeling of an electric toothbrush.

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All Philips electric toothbrushes have a two minute timer to tell you when you’re done, but the more advanced models also have timers known as quad pacers that tell you when it’s time to move the brush to a different area of your mouth.

Some Philips electric toothbrushes feature variable speeds and modes (such as deep clean, gum health and tongue care). For added gum protection, look out for models with sensors that tell you if you’re applying too much pressure - especially useful if you have sensitive teeth or gums.

If you like smart technology, you’ll love the Philips electric toothbrush ranges that feature smartphone connectivity, an AI-powered app and personalized brushing recommendations that give you real-time feedback on your brushing and highlight any spots you’ve missed. They’ll also alert you when it’s time to change the brush.

When it comes to powering your Philips electric toothbrush, there’s everything from basic, battery-powered toothbrushes, through regular chargers to the stylish charging glass. Some brushes include a travel case that charges your electric toothbrush in between brushes for when you’re away from home.

Philips electric toothbrushes on sale

 Philips Sonicare DiamondClean 9750 deals 

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean 9750

Best Philips electric toothbrush for smart technology

Type: charging base and charging glass | Timer: yes (plus smart features) | Pressure sensors: yes - vibration + light | Brush heads: 4 plus holder | Number of cleaning modes: 5 | Travel case: USB charging travel case

Extensive smart features 
Stylish looks 
Some issues with the app 

This toothbrush is as far away as you can get from the old fraying toothbrush in a chipped mug. Super-sleek, with gold detailing and an attractive glass charger and charging glass, it will look great in the most stylish bathroom. More importantly, it does a superb job at achieving squeaky clean teeth, claiming to remove 10 times more plaque and improve gum health by up to seven times in two weeks if you use the gum health mode (or to remove up to 100% more stains in just three days compared with a manual brush using the whiteplus mode).

The most stand-out feature is the tech. When you sync it with the Sonicare app, it will identify which of the four brush heads you’ve chosen and choose the correct brushing mode, then provide you real-time feedback as you brush, creating a 3-D map of your mouth and telling you when to move to the next section. It’ll warn you if you’re pressing too hard, alert you if you’ve missed a spot and even create a progress report you can share with your dentist or hygienist. When you’re away from home you can still have it with you - it has a USB travel case which charges it in between brushes.

On the whole users enjoy the extra help with their teeth cleaning - it rates a healthy 4.7 stars on Amazon. One reviewer reports that their visits to the hygienist to have their teeth professionally cleaned have halved as a result, and many praise it for achieving that dentist-fresh feel. The main complaints, even from fans, relate to the app. Some describe it as glitchy and others report problems with connecting with the brush and detecting parts of the mouth. Some users also object to pop-up ads and express concerns about privacy and data collection when using the app.

Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 5100 deals 

Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 5100

Best Philips electric toothbrush for sensitive teeth

Type: charging base | Timer: yes (plus quadpacer) | Pressure sensors: yes - vibration | Brush heads: 1 (G2 optimal gum care) | Number of cleaning modes: 3 | Travel case: non-charging travel case

Gentle on sensitive teeth and gums 
Good features for the price  
No charging mechanism in travel case 
Extra brush heads expensive 

If you have sensitive teeth or are concerned about your gum health (especially receding gums) this is the Philips electric toothbrush for you. It is designed to give your teeth an effective and thorough clean without damaging delicate gums or hurting sensitive teeth.

It has three modes - clean, white and gum care. Gum care mode allows an extra minute of reduced-power brushing to gently massage your gums. If you’re brushing too hard (which can cause your gums to recede) it vibrates, and buzzes to let you know when to move to the next part of your mouth. It only comes with one brush, for gum care mode. If you use the white or clean mode, Philips recommends you buy specific brushes for them.

Reviewers are mostly very enthusiastic, awarding it 4.7 stars overall and praising it for thorough cleaning and helpful alerts (although a few complain the sensor didn’t work well for them and report little difference in the cleaning modes other than the different length of time). There are grumbles about the price of replacement brush heads, and it’s a shame that brushes for all the modes are not included. Some also express regret that the travel case doesn’t incorporate the charger or charge the brush itself.

Philips Sonicare 9900 Prestige deals 

Philips Sonicare 9900 Prestige

Best Philips electric toothbrush for tooth whitening

Type: frosted charging base | Timer: yes (plus smart features) | Pressure sensors: yes - light + vibration then automatic intensity change | Brush heads: 1 (All-in-One) | Number of cleaning modes: 5 | Travel case: USB-charging travel case

Great teeth whitening 
Stylish design 
Some issues with the app 

Let’s start by taking a moment to admire how beautiful this electric toothbrush is, with its chic design, rose gold accents and fabulous travel case. But even its good looks are not its best feature - if you want to upgrade your smile, this Philips electric toothbrush promises to deliver, claiming to remove 20 times more plaque and up to 100% more stains in less than two days than a manual brush, thanks to angled bristles with triangular tips.

It features SenseIQ technology which senses the wash you are brushing. It alerts you if you use a scrubbing motion and if you brush too hard it will first tell you with a light and vibration and then, if you don’t correct it, will adapt the intensity. As with the DiamondClean, the Sonicare app gives you a 3-D map of your mouth, real-time feedback, recommendations and progress reports.

Reviewers, who award it 4.5 stars overall on Amazon, are mostly enthusiastic. "My teeth actually twinkled", says one. "What magic could a toothbrush offer that makes it worth the cost of a flight to Vegas?" asks another, before answering, "The app, that's what. It brings the hygienist to your bathroom." Not everyone is sold, though, with several complaints about the app being glitchy and concerns over privacy and data. Some reviewers question whether it’s worth the hefty price tag, but as one pointed out, it’s cheaper than most dental work.

Philips Sonicare DailyClean 1100 deals

Philips Sonicare DailyClean 1100

Best Philips electric toothbrush on a budget

Type: charging base | Timer: yes (plus quadpacer) | Pressure sensors: no | Brush heads: 1 (C1 Simply Clean) | Number of cleaning modes: 1 | Travel case: none

Value for money 
Good for first-time user 
Needs frequent recharging 
No battery life indicator 

You don’t need to spend a fortune to get your teeth really clean, and with this budget electric toothbrush you can have sparkling teeth without breaking the bank. It’s very straightforward without the fancy features of the more expensive models. There’s no app, pressure sensors or travel case, and there’s just one cleaning mode, but if you don’t look for these extras it’s excellent value.

What it does offer, in common with every Philips electric toothbrush, is powerful cleaning (it promises to remove three times more plaque than a manual toothbrush), plus a timer and a quadpacer that beeps to prompt you to move to the next area of your mouth. With its easy start program to accustom you to the intensity, it’s perfect for someone using an electric toothbrush for the first time.

Most reviewers are enthusiastic and it receives 4.7 stars overall. Although some note that it’s not as powerful as more expensive models, most are pleased with its performance and don’t miss the trappings of the more costly versions. As one reviewer says, "This model is perfect value and the more expensive models ($25+) only have small additional features." There are, however, multiple complaints about the battery life, which many report as being much shorter than the promised 14 days, and about the fact there’s no light to indicate battery life.

Philips Sonicare for kids sonic electric toothbrush deals

Philips Sonicare for kids sonic electric toothbrush

Best Philips electric toothbrush for kids

Type: charging base | Timer: yes (plus quadpacer) | Pressure sensors: no | Brush heads: 1 (Sonicare for kids) | No. of cleaning modes: 2 | Travel case: none

Encourages kids to brush their teeth 
Easy to use 
App not compatible with all devices
Not suitable for the under 3s 

Every parent knows how difficult it can be to get kids to clean their teeth and stick with it for long enough to do the job. Enter the Philips Sonicare for kids - an electric toothbrush that makes tooth brushing fun. The brush itself, which comes in blue or pink with an easy grip handle, comes with stickers to customize it and has two modes with different intensities.

The toothbrush is accompanied by an interactive app with animations and rewards for brushing properly, which parents report encourages their children to persist for longer, and follows the kids as they brush, prompting them to brush thoroughly and move the toothbrush around their mouth.

On the whole, users find it a terrific way to get their children to brush their teeth properly. "My son N E V E R brushed his teeth willingly prior to this brush/app. Now I have him begging to brush his teeth before school," reports one delighted parent. There are some grumbles that the app doesn’t work with every device, and that the brush head provided is too large for younger users (requiring a further purchase of a smaller brush head). Parents also warn that younger children will need careful supervision so as not to damage their gums, and it’s not suitable for the under 3s.

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