This Black Friday fitness deal will save you $49 on this dumbbell set with rack


Looking for a great Black Friday fitness deal that will build muscle and keep you and your joints healthy? We've found a great deal on a dumbbell set with rack that will shave almost 20% off the price. Strength-training is just as important to your health as cardio, and it can even be incorporated into any cardio workout. And having your own set of dumbbells makes any exercise program you choose you’ll have a convenient way to step it up a notch. 

For Black Friday, this vinyl dumbbell set by Brave Heart is on sale for nearly 20% off at Amazon. The set includes 2 pound, 3 pound, 5 pound, 8 pound and 12 pound dumbbells, plus a convenient steel rack that is designed to save space (and so you don’t stub your toes on the equipment). The dumbbells are made of high-quality cast iron and covered with vinyl for a softer feel and fewer bumps and bruises. Plus, the vinyl coating means the weights are easy to clean. Get started on your fitness goals now with a brand-new weight set for less.

With a set of lower-weight dumbbells, you can complete workouts that require high repetitions of anything from biceps curls and triceps pumping to lunges and even leaning-over rowing. And as you build muscle, you can move up in weight a little at a time, all the way to 12 pounds for firming up your biceps. 

Not only are the five pairs of dumbbells coated in vinyl, but they have rubber inserts to prevent scratches on the weights and the rack. Several reviewers on Amazon commented they were incredibly happy with the outside grip and coating of the dumbbells, which was smooth and free of any bumps or snags. When you order, the complete set with rack will be packaged in a single box for delivery, so you don’t have to wait to get started with just a single set at a time. 

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