Save 25% on this Bionic Quadruped Spider Robot for Raspberry Pi


Grab this complete Raspberry Pi robot kit and have a blast not only assembling the creepy-cool spider, but especially for older kids you'll learn about coding and other STEM skills along the way. 

For Black Friday, you can save 19% at Amazon on this Adeept DarkPaw Bionic Quadruped Spider Robot Kit for Raspberry Pi. The kit, like other Raspberry Pi kits, is based on a credit card-size PC (sold separately at Amazon) that serves as the foundation for the bionic arachnid. The 4-legged robot is designed for beginners and professionals interested in learning coding and AI. Once you've completed the build, this spider has plenty of functions, including color recognition, a breathing LED, real-time video transmission and self-stabilization so your spider can get climbing. Hope you're not afraid of spiders though .... This bot has a triangle gait to allow for fluid and realistic movement. 

The simple writing in the manual and practical GUI program should help you and your child assemble this spider robot without any sweat or tears. The manual includes illustrations that provide step-by-step instructions to build your Raspberry Pi robot. The easy-to-understand Python code is provided, with a GUI program that's compatible with Windows and Linux operating systems.

And once done, there is plenty of fun to be had: Using your your phone, tablet or computer, you can wirelessly control your robot spider, which is equipped with object recognition, tracking capability and motion detection. The self-stabilization is based on a special gyro sensor, and the design allows for plenty of load, according to the manufacturer Adeept. Plus, the kit runs on an OpenCV, pulling from a library of programming functions; this also means you can create your own functions for your spider. 

To get started, all you need is the Raspberry Pi 4/3 B+/B/2B and two 18650 batteries (not included). Add this super-cool Adeept DarkPaw Quadruped Spider Robot Kit to your holiday shopping list for hours of fun and learning. 

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